Climate protection is important to me.

2% of my income goes to certified projects.

Sustainability in an economic context

I believe that sustainability and economic success can go hand in hand and have committed to providing my services in a carbon neutral way. To do this, I have recorded my company’s CO2 emissions together with Klimahelden („Climate Heroes“) and calculated my carbon footprint. 

Avoid and reduce CO2 emissions

Wherever possible, I avoid and reduce CO2 emissions. Purchasing renewable electricity and green gas has been a matter of course for me for many years. I also save energy by controlling my appliances intelligently via smart home. I try to avoid business trips as far as possible or to use public transport/train. I regularly update my carbon footprint and therefore have an overview of the success of the measures.

Financing of a certified climate protection project

I offset any remaining CO2 emissions by financing a climate protection project. Climate protection projects save CO2 – for example with reforestation measures or replacement of climate-harming technologies with climate-friendly alternatives.

climate neutral company 2023 by co2 offsetting

Book me and 2% of my income goes additionally into climate protection projects

Since the pure compensation of my CO2 emissions is not sufficient for me, I commit myself to spend 2% of my income for further certified climate protection projects. That means – you book me as a freelancer and thereby automatically participate in climate protection.

I look forward to your inquiry and to meeting you soon!

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