Freelance Account and Client Service Direction with Jens Klinksiek

Freelance Account and Client Service Direction.

My Services.

As your freelance consultant and senior executive, I bring a blend of experience, intuition and strategic planning to your company.

  • Bridging vacancies: I seamlessly fill the gaps in your team to ensure continuity and stability.
  • Team leadership & motivation: With a combination of empathy and drive, I motivate teams to achieve their best performance.
  • Stakeholder management: I build bridges between all stakeholders to achieve goals harmoniously and effectively.
  • Client Relationship Management: Building and maintaining long-term client relationships is my specialty to ensure loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Consulting: I support you with strategic vision and customized solutions.
  • Forecasting: I provide precise forecasts that enable you to keep an eye on financial developments and earnings prospects.
  • Revenue, margin & profit tracking: I ensure transparent and efficient monitoring of KPIs while focusing on the financial robustness of your company.
  • Preparation of proposals and SOWs (Statement of Work): My clear and convincing offers ensure that your chances of success are maximized.
  • Contract negotiation: I use my negotiating skills and expertise to achieve the best conditions for you.
  • Up & cross selling: I identify and seize all opportunities to increase your growth and revenue.

My possible roles in this context include e.g.

  • Account Director
  • Client Service Director
  • Head of Client Services
  • Strategic Account Director
  • Manager Client Service
  • Teamlead Account Management
  • Client Lead
  • Client Partner