Freelance Project Management with Jens Klinksiek

Freelance Project Management.

My Project Manager Services.

As your freelance project and account manager, I bring not only my expertise but also my passion for efficiency, quality and teamwork to every project. Together we will achieve your goals and lead your projects to success.

  • Project and account management for small and large projects: Flexible and experienced, I steer your projects to their desired outcome, regardless of their scope.
  • Agile and waterfall: I master both agile and traditional waterfall methods to adapt to your needs and the nature of the project.
  • Creating project plans: Precise and well thought-out plans are the foundation of every successful project. I design these to provide clarity and direction.
  • Executing complex workstreams: Even in the most challenging project situations, I find the way to manage workstreams efficiently.
  • Coordinating teams: The team is at the heart of every project. I ensure harmony and efficiency in collaboration.
  • Quality assurance: I aim for the highest standards. I ensure that every detail of your projects meets the highest quality standards.
  • Process optimization: Continuous improvement is my goal. I identify and implement optimizations to make your processes leaner and more effective.
  • Resource planning and management: The right resources at the right time. I ensure efficient allocation and utilization of all available resources.
  • Budget control and accounting: Financial clarity and control are crucial. I keep an eye on your budget and ensure accurate billing.
  • KPI tracking and reporting: making success measurable. I implement and monitor KPIs to track and comprehensively report on project progress.

My possible roles in this context include e.g.

  • (Senior) Project Manager
  • (Senior) Account Manager
  • Client Consultant
  • Key Account Manager
  • Relationship Manager
  • Global Account Manager
  • Head of Project
  • Project Owner
  • Project Lead
  • Delivery Manager
  • Production Manager